Moving Back Home

Colorado River inletFor many years my family has urged me to come back to Texas.  After working on many film and television shows in L.A., and owning my small video business in Big Bear Lake, while raising my two sons, I finally decided to move home.   I’m happy I had all the experiences I had in Southern California, and will miss my sons who choose to stay and forge their careers as I did,along with my good friends, and the beautiful Pacific and mountains.  I feel now that my sons are adults and I’m needed here in Texas, that the adventure continues for myself and my partner, Will, in music, video and films.  We have great opportunities to grow as a business and create new relationships with the creative talent and small business owners, that live in the Bell County and Austin area.   I will be able to see my family on a regular basis which is great, since they are like many Texans, the nicest people one could meet, and very supportive.   So check in from time to time and see what new experiences and fun we’ll be having down in the deep south.